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Aims, Visions and Values

'Strive for the best,

achieve the amazing!'

Christian Values

All stakeholders have created a set of values promoted throughout the school via everything we do, everything we teach and everything we say. Emmanuel Junior Academy's Christian Values are...


Respect, Gratitude, Honesty, Community, Forgiveness, Care, Love, 


Our Aims


Emmanuel Junior Academy, within a Christian environment...


  • We aim to provide a fun, purposeful curriculum driven by experiences, which inspires and promotes independence, and fosters individually by encouraging all talents and abilities  
  • We will encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and show respect and tolerance for each other and the wider community whilst celebrating and promoting diversity 
  • We aim for all the children to develop skills within and beyond the curriculum, so that they have the knowledge, self-confidence and freedom to become life-long learners with an inquisitive, 'have-a-go' mentality
  • The children will be encouraged to develop academically, socially, morally and spiritually to become well-rounded, aspirational individuals, prepared for the world beyond
  • Through committed, high-quality teaching the children will achieve their full potential with a desire and determination to 'strive for the best and achieve the amazing'
  • The children will learn to love and recognise the goodness in everyone, whilst putting others before themselves, make a positive contribution and develop their own spiritual understanding 

Our Vision


Stakeholders have created a pictorial representation of the vision we share:-  


  • The roots of the tree represent what the school's Christian ethos and staff bring to share
  • The trunk represents the whole child as individual, as they grow through their time at Emmanuel
  • The leaves and fruit of the tree are everything we hope the children will have gained and go on to achieve because of their experiences at Emmanuel