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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2016-17


Leadership, Management & Finance

  • Broaden the work with outside agencies to enhance the performance of leadership groups in school

Governors' work with other agencies to secure a good review and increase the level of scrutiny used to challenge the school

SLT members are supporting the work of other schools across the MAT, Locality and family of Schools

  • Middle Leadership Teams confident and competent effectively fulfil their roles, including the use of coaching & mentoring and assessment & analysis of data

Monitoring is effectively used to inform action planning

Use of coaching and mentoring has strengthened performance of middle leaders (S2S work)

All key middle leaders meet targets set in their in their action plans

All key middle leaders drive whole school initiatives

Courses/CPD has strengthened the skills of middle leaders e.g. NPQML, Mastery course, SEN and Learning support 

  • Improve communication with parents about school events and academic information about their child

Website is used for parents to gain information about school

Increased attendance at parent based school events

Survey results show improved attitude towards school

Social media and other outlets used to increase audience accessibility

Workshops have increased parental knowledge - academic and pastoral

Outcomes for Pupils 

  • Ensure all children in Y3/Y4/Y5 are on track so that 80 to 85% are at age related outcomes.

Gaps between attainment of groups and non-groups is closing

Books and planning show evidence of accelerated progression, matched to key performance indicators and display a level of mastery

Concept tracker is effective and assessment systems are embedded.  

  • All Y6 children including all vulnerable groups, will meet at least National standards in all subjects

Combined reading, writing and maths = 53% 

National Expectation in Reading = 66%

National Expectation in Writing = 74%

National Expectation in Maths = 70%

National Expectation in SPaG = 72%

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • All children experience teaching which meets the Family of Schools 'Westfield Standard' or above across the school week. 

100% of teaching across all subjects is judged to meet the standard, with 40% judge to be above (at coaching level)

Coaching and mentoring, by other staff, have been used to enhance teaching and learning

Assessment systems track progress and attainment against key milestones

Depth and mastery is evident in all lessons, planning and books.

Behaviour & Safety

  • Demonstrate improved independent learning behaviours, both in lessons and around school to promote tolerance and respect (linked to British Values)

Behaviour for learning to be judged as consistently good or better in lessons

Children demonstrate accurate knowledge of their strengths and areas for development linked to curricular targets

  • Demonstrate improved attendance figures for 2016-17

Maintain figure of at least 95.9% or above and reduce persistence absence figure to below 6.5% (LA 9.7%)

Latest figure (U code) be reduced to below 0.4%

Improvement in all indicators for pupil premium children 

  • Pastoral principles positively impact performance of pupils and improve welfare 

Pastoral staff performance management targets are met

Questionnaires of staff, students and parents show increase performance and positive results

Academic progress of children with pastoral support is equal to or better than children without