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Afternoon Tasks!


Rome & The Romans


- Create a storyboard for the story of Romulus and Remus using the Storyboard and this link: 


- Explore what Roman home life was like using the Mind Map and Information Sheet


- Find out about the legendary Roman Colosseum using the PowerPoint and the Activity Sheet


- Research a Roman Emperor, and present your facts in the form of a Poster. You may wish to look at Julius Caeser, Augustus Caesar, Claudius or many more!


- Plan a trip to Rome - what things could you see? 

Art Go to this website:
JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, has written a new book called The Ickabog.

Explore the site, and read about the book. What do you think the Ickabog looks like? Draw your ideas.


Design & Technology – Watch this video:
Can you design something which will help you in your daily life? Draw it on the sheet and explain what it will help you to do below.



Research a cuisine from around the world (Choose from: India, Japan, Mexico, China, France or Italy).

Think about: What types of foods do they eat? What ingredients do they use? What recipes can you find?

EXTRA: Help someone cook a meal from this country. Did you like it?




Geography – Plan a holiday to a foreign country or city. Think about how you would get there, what attractions you would visit, what hotel you would stay in and explain why you have chosen that place. You may wish to research how much the trip would cost.



Music – Learn about beat and rhythm, and explore keeping a beat with different “instruments” around your house!
These two videos will help you: