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Afternoon Activities (Choose one per day)

TASK 01 - Aboriginal Dot Art (ART)

Have a look at the PowerPoint about Aboriginal art.

The Aboriginees were the native people of Australia, and they used patterns and dots to create artistic forms.


Have a go at creating dot art based around the United Kingdom outline (see the printed sheet) – felt tips are the best to use (Y4TA did this way back on transition day when you were still Year 3’s!)


I have included some work I did a few years ago for sports day as an example of some patterns you could use.

TASK 02 - Mandalas (ART / RE)

Have a look through the PowerPoint about Mandala’s – an important symbol in the Hindu religion. You will notice that they are incredibly repetitive and symmetrical – yours will need to be the same.

Use the instructions to create your own mandala – use a black pen to go over it at the end if you have one!


TIP! To find the middle of your page, draw straight lines (LIGHTLY!) across from each corner. The place where they meet is the middle!

TASK 03 - Oragami (ART)


Oragami is an artform which uses folding paper!


Use this website:


Find something you want to make and… make it!

TASK 04 - Label the capital cities (GEOGRAPHY)


Using the sheet below, try and find the names of all the capital cities in Europe!


You may need to use an Atlas or Maps on your Computer!

TASK 05 - Research a famous battle (HISTORY)


Look for some famous battles in history – you might want to choose one with a really silly name! Then, create a poster or information sheet including some facts you may have found.


You may want to find out:


  • Who fought in it?
  • Where was it?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who won?
  • How long did it last?
  • How many casualties were there?
  • What weapons were used?
  • What does the site look like now?

TASK 06 - Create an obstacle course (PE)


Create an obstacle course in your garden, and challenge members of your famly to complete it!


Write down your times on the sheet – did you improve your time?


You may want to video yourself or a family member having a go and send it to your teacher!

TASK 07 - Learn to draw Hogwarts (ART)




I know a few people have asked if they can draw Hogwarts – well, here is your chance!


Follow the Step-by-Step instructions, and see how it comes out!


The link is here:


Remember, don’t draw too dark!


I’ve also attached my attempt, can you beat me?

TASK 08 - Learn the day of the week in French (FRENCH)


Follow the powerpoint to learn the days of the week in French!


There is also a wordsearch for you to complete!

TASK 09 - Water Cycle Board Game (SCIENCE)

Play the Water Cycle Board Game to see what you can remember about the water cycle.

We have also included a states of matter crossword for you to have a go at!

TASK 10 - Create a Motte and Bailey Castle (HISTORY / DT)


Use the worksheet to create your own Motte and Bailey Castle – this will work better if you print onto card, but don’t worry if you can’t.


For more information on Motte and Bailey castles, check out the PowerPoint!