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Our class book this term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Open the website (no log in details needed), find the story and listen up to 5:33. Follow the story using the text below.


Now listen to the story again, using Stephen Fry as your teacher and pausing after each sentence so you can echo his reading.


Now read it a third time, out loud to an adult if possible.


What do you think are the three most important points that the reader learns in this part of the story?




Carry out a simple household job. Maybe you could make a sandwich or tidy your room (!).

Imagine you were trying to explain this task to somebody who had never done it before. Can you write a simple set of instructions? How many of the following features can you include?


  • ‘How to…’ title
  • List of things you will need
  • Numbered instructions
  • Sentences starting with an imperative (bossy) verb
  • Time adverbials (until, next)
  • Diagrams




Complete steps 3 and 4 of the 6x tables challenge on


Then make yourself a set of 0-9 digit cards (thin card is best, but just cutting up a piece of paper is fine too).

Shuffle your cards and pick digits to make two 3 or 4-digit numbers. Add your two numbers together using the compact written method we practiced yesterday.

How many calculations can you complete in 20 minutes?




See the document “Jesus chooses some followers” below.




To link with our Harry Potter book and our Science topic, we will be thinking about Potions. Do you have any old or unusual bottles in your house that you can imagine holding a potion? If not, choose a suitable image from the internet.


Make a detailed sketch of your bottle.  Remember to add patterns, textures, shading and finer details!