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Breakfast Club

All children who attend school are welcome at Breakfast Club.  It opens at 8am every day and is supervised by one of the school's Teaching Assistants.  Although we do not charge children to attend Breakfast club, we do ask that all children purchase an item of food or drink.



Breakfast Club Menu

Sausage/Bacon Sandwich £1.10 (only on a Wednesday)

Beans on toast 45p

Eggs on toast 75p

Cheese on toast 50p

Cereal & Milk 50p

Weetabix & Milk 50p

Teacakes 60p

Toast & Jam 25p

Toast & Spread 20p


Whole Fresh Fruit 35p

Melon Slice 35p

Grape Pots 50p

Yoghurt Pot (85g) 40p


Breakfast Deals

Buttered Toast & Drink 45p

Cereal & Drink 75p


Funtime Milkshake & Toast 75p

Milkshake 60p

Hot Chocolate 45p

Tea 40p

Coffee 40p

Fruit Juice Drink (85ml) 30p

Orange and Apple Juice (200ml) 55p