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Children's Leadership Team

Our Children's Leadership team represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.  We have Head Boy and Head Girl for each of our houses from Y6, and a Deputy Head Boy and a Deputy Head Girl for each house from Y5. The leaders from Y3 and Y4 are nominated and voted for by their peers. The leaders have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, help make school the best it can be and contribute to the wider community as positive role models.

Our Children's Leadership Team 2020-21



House Courage

Head Boy - Dominic Debski

Head Girl - Lily Harrison

Deputy Head Boy - Finley Stocks

Deputy Head Girl - Silver Woods


House Respect

Head Boy - Dylan Marsden

Head Girl - Madelaine Cartwright

Deputy Head Boy - Ryan Brown

Deputy Head Girl - Emilia Ashton


House Trust

Head Boy - Millar James

Head Girl - Maisie Hartley

Deputy Head Boy - Nathan Jenkinson

Deputy Head Girl - Maddison Clayton


House Hope

Head Girl - Amiee Jenner

Head Girl - Charlotte Connealy

Deputy Head Boy - Tommy Devine

Deputy Head Girl - Summer Johnson-Tyler