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Fun ideas and websites

At times like these, we really need to take care of our minds and bodies, and most importantly,  have fun.  Here are a number of activities that you can do whenever you like to help bring a smile to your face.  Why not get your whole family involved?  Please feel free to take photos of any activities you do whilst you are at home - I'd love to see what you are up to.


• Design a rainbow and place in windows to show a sign of community and hope in uncertain times. Think outside the box with your rainbow and get creative!

• Pick 5 ingredients from your kitchen – can you make a healthy snack?

• PE with Joe Wicks.

• Cosmic Yoga - YouTube

• Go Noodle – YouTube (brainercise, dance strength and mindfulness videos)

• Smiling Mind – short audio sessions to help with mindfulness.

• Premier League Stars

• Plant a flower or seed – observe this over time (document the changes week by week).  

• Where is your new reading corner in your house? Draw it and tell us what you are currently reading!

• Send a postcard to a grandparent.

• Daily walks around your area – remembering 2 meters apart!

• Do some baking!  

• Pick a flower from your garden and sketch it!

• Watch a film, pick your favorite character and write up a character study of them.

• Watch a film, act out an alternative ending and then write it up.

• Discuss which book you would like to be made into a film and why?

• Make your own playdough and make a model of an animal (plain flour, vegetable oil, salt, warm water and food coloring – optional)

• Make a family tree.

• Learn to tie shoelaces.

• Learn to tell the time.