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Friday 27th March 2020


Happy Friday Everybody!



Draw your favourite character from the book you are reading and write up a character study of them. Try answering the following questions:


  • What is their name?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they look like?
  • What is their personality like?
  • What do they like/dislike?
  • Why are they your favourite character? What makes them so interesting?
  • Does the character do anything in the story you don't like? What would you change about them?
  • Do they do anything in the story that surprised you (that was out of their character?)


Please share these on Dojo's, as we would love to read them!


Math's - Easter Math's Challenge Cards

Complete the math's Easter challenge cards in uploads under today's date! 


English - Fix the Sentence's

Fix the Easter themed sentences - can you spot ALL the mistakes? These are also in uploads under today's date.


D&T - Weekend Task

Let's get creative! If you have the ingredients and the facility to do so, make your own play dough and create a model of a minibeast! Please take your time to finish this over the weekend and share on Dojo's once completed! 


Play dough ingredients: 

  • plain flour
  • vegetable oil
  • salt
  • warm water
  • food colouring (optional)

Thursday 26th March 2020


Have a terrific Thursday Y5!


Reading - One chapter from your favourite book

Practice your fluency so read it out loud three (yes three!) times. When you've done this read the chapter to a family member showing them how fluent and full of expression your reading has become.


Math's fluency - Counting on for Subtraction

See if you can do any mentally first. Then remember to draw a number line with the smaller number on the left and the greater number on the right. Work out the best number to make your jumps in (round to the next 10, then 100). Add your steps together to find the difference. Do at least 6 questions.Check your answer by using the column subtraction method. Then use the answer sheet to mark. These resources are in uploads.


Fluency - Column Subtraction

 Don't forget the larger number goes on top! Remember to use your place value knowledge when setting out. Do at least 8 questions, but you can do more if you want. Then use the answer sheet to mark.


Use Dojo's portfolio's to show us how you did.


English - Relative Clause

Complete the next page of questions.


Spelling - Oxford Owl RWI

We have created  class log-ins for Oxford Owl which will allow you to access ebooks and games to help you practise the spelling rules we have learnt this year. Please go to Year5/Primary6 and have a go on the first two sections: Sound the Same and Swap,Double or Drop. The website is:


Look for the 'My class login' tab.


Miss Badger's Class:
Username: emmanuely5
Password: Y5SB


Miss Davies' Class:

Username: emmanuely5md

Password: Y5MD

Wednesday 24th March 2020


Have a wonderful Wednesday Y5


Guided Reading - The Sea Mammy

Read it again and finish your questions.

If you have finished it please follow this link to some awesome Fortnite limericks, see how many you can learn; you get really fluent you could upload a video of your performance to Dojo.


Math's - Fluency Fitness Easy Peasy

This will test your mental addition skills. Try and do everything in your head first. Remember to use your place value knowledge and rounding skills to help. Use column addition to check your answer, then use the answer sheet to mark your work.

Mastery checkpoint challenge - mental and written addition. See what additions you can do mentally and which need column addition to be answered correctly.



Complete page 3 of the relative clause work.



Start writing your biography of Jane Goodall. Use the power point to remind you of the key features: chronological order, past tense, time connective, adverbial openers, facts, quotes.


Reading Challenge

Read a book you really like, make sure you finish it (it doesn't need to be done straight away). Write a summary about the story. What do you like about it. Why?Who were the main characters? How did the story make you feel?.Would you recommend the book to your friends?

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good Morning Y5


Guided Reading - The Sea Mammy

Read it again (yes again!) and then answer the first 3 questions. Don't for get you will need to decide if the question

needs your retrieval or inference skills;

Read the question carefully.

Identify the key words.

Scan the text for them, then underline them.

Read around the words for context.

Don't settle on your first answer.



Complete page 2 of the relative clause activities! The activity is in uploads from yesterday.


Math's - Dog Division

 Use your short division skills (the bus stop method) to work out how many dogs there are.

When you've completed that, test your division skills on Hit the Button. Start easy on the 2's,5's and 10's if you need to then challenge yourself with the 7,8 and 9's, if you dare. Show your score on Class Dojo!


Creative Writing Challenge

Check out the spooky house image in uploads. Write one paragraph describing the house. What are our year 5 writing targets? Challenge Alert -  In your paragraph can you include parenthesis, 2 relative clauses and 2 modal verbs?  Make sure you create tension and an eerie atmosphere as well to ensure your reader will want to continue reading!



To help with writing your biography of Jane Goodall check out the power point in uploads. Remember the features

that you used when you wrote about Neil Armstrong, Gallileo and Valentina Tereshkova.

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good Morning Year 5


Guided Reading - The Sea- Mammy 

You will find the text in the home learning packs along with the questions on the back. Today, as we would always do, is read, read and read again! Read this once out loud, take it in turns to read with someone else (2 sentences at a time) and, if possible, let's keep practicing our echo reading! If parents/guardians could read a sentence then the children will read this back to you (we are working really hard on trying to get our fluency up so it would be great if we could keep going with this).



In the children's home learning packs, there are SPAG mats for them to complete. Choose a 1 star for today - you will find the star rating on the bottom of the sheet- and for the first week also, I will be posting relative clause activities for the children. The activities are all on the Relative Clause - Activities upload, just for today complete page 2 (page 1 is a guidance sheet). To help with this, I have uploaded a Powerpoint presentation, which includes help and activities. It would be great if you could take some time to go through this with the children. 




Math's - Track them Down!

In the home learning packs, there are several math's activities, for today we will be completing Track them Down! 

This is a fun  investigation activity to try and find pairs/three numbers that give a specific answer! Ask children to give a go at first, then let's look at what we know to see how we can track down the right numbers. Think about your number bonds and times table facts to work this out! To help with this I have uploaded a multiplication grid (some children do already have these however in their packs). For an extention, spend 15/20 minutes on Reflex/Active Learn. 



Let's get started on our research on Jane Goodall, ready for writing our biography! In the home learning pack is guidance on this and 2 websites to get the children started. If they start to compile their research in their red homework books/books we gave them last Friday, that would be great. 



If children want to put all of their learning each day in these books, that would be very helpful and will keep a good track on what they have completed each day! Have a great day everyone - I am available for contact via Dojo's for both classes today as Miss. Badger is in school.


Thank you.