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This week, we are giving you a selection of reading, writing and SPaG activities to try. And as it is the final week, you can choose which you would like to do, and when!


  • Read the newspaper front page on the holidays.pdf sheet then answer the retrieval and vocabulary questions.


  • Log in to Oxford Owl. Challenge yourself to read 3 books this week, all from different genres. For example:


Information books – Sport is Fun or Animal Conflicts

Graphic novel – Comic Capers or Great Artists

Narrative – The Cornflake Coin or Personality Potion

Science Fiction – Space Hunt or Attack of the Giant Meeb

Instructions – Making a Book

Traditional Tales – The Selkie Child or Wolf Fables

Myths and Legends – How the World Began or Animal Tricksters


These examples are all taken from the age 7-9 section, but feel free to explore the site or to read your own books.


Don’t forget to share your book choices on your Portfolio page and let me know what you thought of them.


  • Write an advertisement for taking a holiday in your own house. You can be as serious or funny as you like but make sure you use persuasive writing techniques such as appealing descriptions, questions (Are you looking for the perfect getaway?) and the second person (you, your).


  • Write an imagined postcard from an overseas holiday destination during this lockdown period. Describe what it is like with people keeping a safe distance from each other, wearing masks and so on.


  • Complete one (or both) of the SPaG mystery games


  • Practise your handwriting and statutory spellings using the sheets provided.


  • Just for fun – find the names of all the children in your class in our special word searches. There is one for each class. Can you remember and find all the names without checking the lists at the bottom of the page?