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This week, we are writing our final newspaper article about the Sheffield Blitz.  Use the planning document attached below to complete your plan of the newspaper (one section each day) and use it to write a paragraph of your newspaper article.  Remember to use the learning that we have done in class as well as the information we have learnt from Oak National Academy.  If you need to, you can always watch some of the videos again to help you.


Monday: introductory paragraph

5 ws

formal language

Fact, not opinion


Tuesday: Paragraph 2

more detail of the 5 w's

what can be seen, heard, felt, etc.


Wednesday: Eye witness account

Direct speech

inverted commas

can use opinion and informal language.

reported clause


Thursday: interview with someone more official

Reported speech

No inverted commas

e.g. The Mayor of Sheffield has said that he...


Friday: Conclusion

What will happen next

Future tense