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Friday 10.07.20

Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Mark your Answers 

It's time to mark your answers and see how you got on. Let us know how you did over on your portfolios! 



Task 1 - My Lockdown Memories Jar 2020

As we are coming to the end of our at-home learning, we thought it may be nice for you look back on all of your memories and achievements during this time. You can use the template below or draw and create your own jar and fill it with all the things your are proud of and what you have done during this time. Draw pictures along with some sentences explaining each memory! Please share these with us as we would love to see them. You have all achieved so much during this time and we are very proud of you! 

Task 2 - SPAG Revision 

Try some more games and keep on revising ready for year 6! 

Maths - More about line graphs.

Moving on from the line graph questions in yesterday's challenge see if you can work out how to answer these questions. Remember to read the line graph carefully. What information does it show and the x axis and the y axis?


Task 1  - Page 85


Task 2 - Page 86