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Friday 12.06.2020

Here is week 2 of at home learning for our last summer term! Remember task 1 is what we would like you to complete, task 2 and weekly challenges are optional - they are there for the extra challenge. If you require any support with any of the learning provided, please do get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Mark your answers

It's time to mark your answers and see how you well you did. Please share all of your hard work on this text this week over on your portfolios!



Task 1 -  Plan and write your own version of 'What do you want to be?'

Watch Wilf Merttens perform his poem again and try to join in, now that you know it so well.  We have been studying and reading this poem all week. Use the Poem Planner to help you think of ideas for a new version of the poem. Read the prompts and note your ideas down for each section. Once you have planned your poem, write it out (you can use the template below if you wish). You may want to use the weekend to practice writing out your poem really neatly! Try using a pen and concentrate on forming your letters correctly. All resources for today's task is on the document below: Year 5 Week 5 Day 5. We can't wait to read these and see them either today or Monday!


Task 2 - Performance and Fun Time Extras

There are extra activities for you to complete (on the document - Year 5 Week 5 Day 5) and directions on how to do so, should you want to.

Maths - Division and Multiplication


Task 1 - Fair Share Fluency

Work out these division word problems to make sure everybody gets their fair share. Make sure you work carefully using all the skills you have worked so hard on this week.


Task 2 - Division Workout

Do as many of these as you want. Estimate your answer first. Are you correct? If so, how did you work it out? Can you explain the relationship between division and it's inverse operation multiplication? How does your time table knowledge help? Share your thoughts and your answers.


Weekly Challenge - Remainder Runners

Here's the answers - who has been brave enough to take on the challenge?