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Friday 12th Feb

 Friday 12th February 2021


I have started putting times next to the lessons – these are by no means set in concrete but some children have asked for them to be used as a guide.





School website:

Please visit the Emmanuel website for any worksheets, word banks, extra resources and extra challenges.


MORNING (8:50 to 11:55)

Guided Reading(9:00 – 9:20) 


English  (9:20 – 10:20)


To write a narrative scene: Final part of final scene

In this lesson, the children will complete a sentence level warm-up, with a focus on three short sentences used for effect. They will analyse model writing for this scene before writing their own narrative for the final part of the final scene.


BREAK (10:20 – 10:40)

Maths (10:40 – 11:40)

Interpret Mean as an Average

In today’s lesson, we will explore averages before creating a formula for calculating the mean. We will then move on to find missing values using the mean.


If you're still not 100% confident at finding percentages of amounts, try this lesson:

Finding percent of a quantity: Problem solving

In this lesson we will learn how to find percent of a quantity and solve problems.




Read in an extreme place! We have had some fantastic photos of people reading in weird and wonderful places. Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes and record it in your reading diary.


AFTERNOON (1:00 – 3:00)

Treat. Log onto zoom at 1pm.