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Friday 15th January 2021

Friday 15th January 2021


Guided Reading . Have a go at these questions. Make sure you use the text to back up your answers

  1. Why is this chapter in italics? Why do you think the author has done this? (1)
  2. This chapter is called messages. Who is the message for? Find some evidence to support your answer.  (2)
  3. Is Cameron writing this message? Use evidence to support your answer. (1)
  4. Why has Cameron repeated the phrase, “disappear out of the picture”?  What effect does repeating this phrase have on us, the audience?
  5. Why do you think Cam has called his poem, “I’ve done it again.”  




No Oak Academy today (we'll continue with that on Monday). 

Instead, for today, you've got a punctuation crossword to have a go at :-) 

(See below for a link to that resource)



Find the value of missing angles in quadrilaterals

In today’s lesson, we will represent the angles in a quadrilateral pictorially and algebraically before learning how to calculate missing angles.


Alternatively, try this lesson: 

Calculating angles within a shape 3

In this lesson we will learn about parallel lines, their angles and how we can use this information within composite shapes



EXTREME READING CHALLENGE - read in an extreme place! 


Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.

Active Learn

Have a go at the games on Active Learn.




Have a go at one of the Joe Wicks videos. Post a picture of you taking part :-)