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Friday 15th May


Answer the questions on the sheet. All children should attempt q 1-6. Questions 7 and 8 are extension questions.



Watch this video:


Today we are going to think about the setting for your book. This is the place where your book will take place. You could make some notes or draw your world, thinking about:


- Does it take place in the real world?

- Does it take place now, or during a famous historical event?

- What are the buildings or landscape like? (eg. mountains, rivers etc)

- How long has your character been here?

- How does your character feel about the setting?


You may wish to try and describe what you can see in the setting. You could even video recordyourself imagining it, so you can remember it for later when we start writing.


A final note: BE CREATIVE! Write about where YOU want to write about!



Complete the MyMaths online homework activities. Make sure you have logged in so I can see your score!


Afternoon: Friday Fun - play YOUR board games!!!