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Friday 18.06.2020

Here is week 3 of at home learning. Remember task 1 is what we would like you to complete, task 2 and weekly challenges are optional - they are there for the extra challenge. If you require any support with any of the learning provided, please do get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Mark your Answers

It's time to mark your answers using the marking scheme. Let us know how you did over on your portfolios! 



Task 1 - Listen to a Protest Song and Highlight Language Features

Listen to the 1960's song ‘Streets of London’. Read the lyrics as you listen. The link below for the song is below. How would you sum up the message of the song? Could you tell someone it in just three sentences? Next, read the Lyrics of the song again and look for any of the Persuasive Features. Highlight and annotate the Lyrics to show them.  Check what you find against the Annotated version. All of today's resources for today's tasks are on the document below: Friday 19th June.

Task 1 - Create your own Song

Read Adapting Lyrics. Change the words of the song to make a new song about a different issue that you care about. Write out a verse of your new song. All of today's resources for today's tasks are on the document below: Friday 19th June. Please share these with us over on your portfolios - we can't wait to read them!

Task 2 - Fun Times Extras 

Try some fun times extras of recording your new song and sharing it with someone or can you make a list of other songs with a message like this? Ask people in your house for ideas.


Maths - Long Multiplication and Short Division

We are going to practice the skills we have learnt over the last two weeks. Have fun!.

Task 1 - Page 63 Multiplication and Division

Questions requiring both operations. Remember the two operations are the opposite of each other so you can always check your answer by using the inverse operation if you are up for the challenge! I've attached a video just in case, come on courageous learners - have a try!

Task 2 - Mastery Multiplication

Come on you Maths Masters give it a go and share your work, we look forward to seeing it..