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Friday 1st May



Listen to Chapter 3.

Make a list of the 5 most important things you would need to include if you were explaining this part of the story to a friend.




Today, we are going to be looking at the key scene which we are going to be writing our diary entry about.

Listen to chapter 4 read to you by Stephen Fry. Whenever you hear a key event which happens, note it down.

Then… Present this Chapter (The Keeper of Keys) in any way you like, including all the key events. It could be a flowchart, a poster, a storyboard or even a video – it really is up to you!




Complete the Friday Fun sheet.

Remember to keep up with your Reflex and Active Learn activities too.


Friday Fun Day! – Quiz  Day

Go to the website

On this website there are hundreds of quizzes where you have to name as many of a certain category as possible – there’s everything from Harry Potter to Capital Cities, to Pokemon!

IMr. Atherton has  got really good at US States! Find one you like and see if you can beat your best score! Or challenge a family member!