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Friday 22nd May



Read the ending of Chapter 5 that you listened to yesterday.

Then answer the questions on the sheet. Write the answer in the middle column (this might just be one word – it doesn’t have to be a sentence) and then in the last column, copy the evidence from the text that gives you the clue to your answer.



Start editing your story and type them up - this may take you more than one day to get it PERFECT!



Play Snakes and Ladders. If you land on a blank square, you need to say what the number would be in both Roman numerals and in our number system!


Challenge: Complete the Greater Depth problem solving and reasoning questions.


Friday Fun

Create a front cover for our Emmanuel in Lockdown book! If you can, scan it in and send it to me! Make sure the colour is really clear and the name stands out! Be creative - use patterns or school based images or anything you like!