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Friday 24th




Time to get yo’ rap on!

Read the Gran can you rap poem (see attached or Google it). Practise it verse by verse until you feel confident that you can say it without the paper. Practise in front of a mirror and in front of your family. Think about how you are speaking; which words should you be putting emotion into and emphasising? Have you got your ‘swag on’? (slow head shake! I’m so sorry guys!)

Practice this all next week as next Friday, we’re going to have a rap off! Think about what you might wear, create accessories (gold chains, grey wig etc). Next Friday, you’ll record it for your class mates to enjoy!

If you need inspiration, see:



Time to put it all together. Copy your leaflet up into best. If you’re doing it on paper, add pictures and make your sections stand out. If you’re doing it using technology, try and import images and amend the font colour/size/style. Use the Dinoworld and the other leaflets I posted earlier in the week for inspiration.

You may need to add a few new sections: opening times, extra information, how to find us, upcoming events. Have fun with it!



Adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals

One Star: Page 15

Two Star: Page 16

Three Star: Page 17



Do something active. For example, make up a dance, make you a movement routine, if you can run around your garden or practice your ball skills.

Why not use this time to create a Hip Hop/ street dance to go with your Gran Can You Rap performance? (Extra bonus points if you can get your parents doing it too!!!)



Crack on with your WW2 project. Share what you’ve done so far on your portfolio so we can all have a look J

Gran Can You Rap

Gran…Can you Rap? 

Gran was in her chair she was taking a nap
When I tapped her on the shoulder to see if she could rap.
Gran can you rap? Can you rap? Can you Gran?
And she opened one eye and she said to me, Man,

  I'm the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
  I'm a tip-top, slip-slap, rap-rap queen.

And she rose from the chair in the corner of the room
And she started to rap with a bim-bam-boom,
And she rolled up her eyes and she rolled round her head
And as she rolled by this is what she said,
I'm the best rapping gran this world's ever seen
  I'm a nip-nap, yip-yap, rap-rap queen.

Then she rapped past my Dad and she rapped past my mother,
She rapped past me and my little baby brother.
She rapped her arms narrow she rapped her arms wide,
She rapped through the door and she rapped outside.

    She's the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
She's a drip-drop, trip-trap, rap-rap queen.

She rapped down the garden she rapped down the street,
The neighbours all cheered and they tapped their feet.
She rapped through the traffic lights as they turned red
As she rapped round the corner this is what she said,
I'm the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
    I'm a flip-flop, hip-hop, rap-rap queen.

She rapped down the lane she rapped up the hill,
And as she disappeared she was rapping still.
I could hear Gran's voice saying, Listen Man,
Listen to the rapping of the rap-rap Gran.

I'm the best rapping Gran this world's ever seen
I'm a -
tip-top, slip-slap,
   nip-nap, yip-yap,
hip-hop, trip-trap,
    touch yer cap,
   take a nap,
    happy, happy, happy, happy,

Maths answers, Week beginning 20th April