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Friday 26th June

Reading: Read The Mystery of the Missing Mummy again and then answer the inference questions.

On the second page, you will find the answers to the questions for both days. Go through these and check your work carefully. If you have any wrong answers, go back to the text and questions and see if you can find the evidence you need to answer the question correctly.

Writing: Add the stage directions and scene settings to complete your play script. Name your scenes, e.g. Scene One – In the classroom and describe what the setting will look like for each scene. Remember, the person directing your play will need to know what scenery is needed for each scene.

Stage directions need to let the actors know how to speak, what actions to do and where to move to on the stage. You have lots of examples now to use as WAGOLLs, so look at these if you are stuck.

Remember: stage directions are in brackets and are written in the present tense.