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Read yesterday’s text again, then answer the retrieval and vocabulary questions on the document below.




You may have seen pictures of Elmer the Elephant made out of milk bottles. Look carefully at the pictures below. Can you write a list of materials and equipment you would need? Using the pictures to help you, can you write a simple set of instructions? How many of the following features can you include?


  • ‘How to…’ title
  • List of things you will need
  • Numbered instructions
  • Sentences starting with an imperative (bossy) verb
  • Time adverbials (until, next)
  • Rhetorical question
  • Background information




Complete step 5 of the 6x tables challenge on to gain your Diploma. Then choose one of the games to practice your facts.


Then try the Cats and Dogs problem solving activity below.




When we freeze water, we know that it changes from a liquid to a solid. But have you ever tried freezing other liquids?


Investigate what happens when you freeze:

  • tap water
  • salty water
  • fizzy pop (a clear liquid such as lemonade if possible)
  • coloured water (use food colouring).


Plastic cups are best for this as they will give you a good size of solid to look at. However, an ice cube tray is fine too. You might just have to look more closely!


Take photos or make sketches of what you discover and upload them to your Dojo portfolio.


Feel free to experiment with other liquids too and tell me what you discover.