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Friday 05.06.2020

Guided Reading

Task 1 - Answer Questions 7 - 10 and Mark your Answers

Read the text again and start answering questions 7 - 10. Remember your skills for answering different question types. Is it an inference question, retrieval, word choice or identify key parts of the text? Remember also, if it asks you to quote the text - quote the text, if it asks you for a one word answer then answer in one word, if not answer in a full sentence. Once finished mark your answers using the marking scheme and let us know how you did!  



Task 1 - Watch and Think about an Advert and Research more Adverts

Open the document below - English Tasks - Friday 5th June 2020. Complete task 1 (Watch and Think about an Advert and Research more Adverts) then task 2 is optional. For today's task there are multiple links for adverts you will need. I have attached each of them below and they are also on the document. On the document as well is the transcripts of all these adverts, so after watching the actual adverts, I would read the transcripts as well. Please share your work with us if you can! 



Maths - Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Task 1 - Page 54

Practice your subtraction skills, remember to make the denominators the same size (always multiply the denominator and numerator by the same)

Task 2 - Mastery of Fractions

See how you go. Can you apply all that new knowledge to some tricky questions?

Weekly Challenge - Fraction Triangles

Time to find out if you are a Challenge Champion!