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How Schools Have Changed

Schools haven't always been open for all children. For hundreds of years only the children of wealthy people could afford an education - and these were usually boys as many girls were expect to learn music, painting and sewing rather than maths and English. However, the vast majority of children were expected to work from a very early age and education was something they could only dream about.


This week we are going to investigate what schools were like in the Victorian period and compare it to school today. What are the differences? How has school changed over the last 150 years? Watch the videos and read the power points to help you learn about how life has changed for children in the UK.


You can:


1. Write an Fact File showing the differences in education from Victorian times to now. Include a conclusion explaining which era you would prefer to go to school in and say why.

3. A Day In The Life - imagine you are a Victorian child, write a diary entry describing your day at school or your day working.

4. Persuasive text -  Find out what jobs children did if they couldn't afford to go to school. Was it right to make them work in those conditions? What is more important for children- work or education? Write a persuasive argument for childrens' right to an education.