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For today's lesson, we will be carrying on with adding and subtracting fractions. 


If you need to recap how to add fractions, and if you would like some more practice based on yesterday's work, start on ACTIVITY 1, QUESTIONS 1 - 8.


Alternatively, try ACTIVITY 1, QUESTIONS 9 - 17. These include mixed number fractions (whole numbers and fractions).


The next step is "Giovanni the Giant's daughter" (we were going to look at this in class!!). This includes fractions that add up to more than a whole. So your answer will be an improper fraction (such as 11/10). Think of how many whole pizzas she will eat (whole number) and how many slices she will have left (fractions)  




If you are finding these too easy, why not try the following extensions


EXT 1: Defuse the bomb (involving mixed number fractions)


EXT 2: Mastery questions in which you have to apply your knowledge of adding fractions to a range of different scenarios. 


Good luck :-)