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Read the ‘Rocket Balloon’ text again.

Then answer the questions in your pack. These are also available to download below.




Can you remember the features of an instructional text that we looked for yesterday?


Look at the recipe below. It is completely muddled up! Can you work out what needs to go where?


If you have a printer, you will be able to cut up the various sections and re-arrange them in the correct order. If not, do your best to write the instructions in the right order.

Then check your version against mine. There may be more than one possible answer, but this is what I think is the best order.




Complete steps 2 and 3 of the 6x tables challenge (


Now log in to your Active Learn account.

You should have been allocated a video (Pupil video 4.7) called ‘Adding numbers using a standard written method.’ Watch the video carefully, focusing on the right hand section – the compact method. This is not new learning – it’s just a reminder of the method we use.

Now have a go at solving these, using the compact written method. Check your answers with a calculator.


1)  275 + 636     2)  492 + 357     3)  1673 + 4244     4)  5289 + 2435      5)  1267 + 718




Make a sketch of your 3 favourite possessions.

Underneath, make a list of the things you do on a normal (non-lockdown) weekday.

This will all make sense when you complete tomorrow’s activity!