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Monday 06.07.20

Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Read Plastics and the Environment 

If you can believe it, it's our final guided reading text before we finish for the holidays! We are so impressed with you in reading; completing the questions and keeping up with reading your own books too! Keep going for our final week! Today as always is reading day so read it once, read it aloud and then read once more! Keep in mind what genre of text it is and how you know this.



Task 1 - SPAG Revision 

This week we are going to be recapping all of our SPAG knowledge and completing two different SPAG papers. Start today by completing SPAG Questions 4 (document below). There are 10 questions in total. Once completed mark your answers using the mark scheme.

Maths - Revision

This week will all be about applying the skills we have learnt this year to different questions. Let see what we can remember!

Task 1 - Addition and Subtration - Mental and Written

Test your mental and written skills. if you do struggle make some jottings for your mental calculations. Mark your answers and make sure you share your scores!

Task 2 - MyMaths 

Have a go at the addition and subtraction paying special attention to the word problems. Remember to read the question carefully so you know what you need to do.