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Monday 11th May


Re-read the text from Chapter 5. Answer the vocabulary questions. All children should attempt questions 1-6. There are also two extension questions.


Remember to use your word detection skills!




Read back over the WAGOLL included in your pack.

The first paragraph in your diary is going to be the main thing that happened in the night of the shack – you aren’t gong to want to wait to tell exactly what happened!

If you need to, rewatch the scene from Tuesday, or listen to the chapter in the book again (Chapter 4)

Write your first paragraph, trying to explain exactly what happened, and what you have been told (REMEMBER – YOU ARE HARRY!). Make sure you include some of the features you found yesterday!



Problem solving day


Choose at least 2 of the Maths Mastery Challenge Cards.

Greater Depth mathematicians – I’m expecting to see more than two challenges from you!


For the rest of this week we will be using MyMaths.

If you are not sure of your login details, please check your messages on Dojos.


For afternoon lessons this week, you will be creating a board game based on your life at Emmanuel Junior Academy. We will not be setting afternoon work on a daily basis, and you should concentrate on this project.


You will need to:

  • Create a board (with colour) – I would recommend using a ruler!
  • Write your game rules – be very clear. Does your game make sense? How do you win? You may want to do 4 laps of the boards (4 years in school) and collect house point tokens – whoever has the most wins. You may want to race to the end – first person to finish wins.
  • Create your “Chance Cards”. Here is an example:

You did really well on your homework.


Move forward 3 spaces


  • Create your die (dice) using the net below – Colour first!
  • Create some board game counters


PLEASE NOTE: This project is designed to take all week - we want to see some really detailed designs and some well written rules! Try to be a s creative as possible, and make sure you test out your game!