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Tuesday 14th April


Today is the day when we read, read and read again.  We are looking at a text called Westside Journal which is a non-fiction text - the resources are at the top of the page.  Read the text until you feel confident that you are fluent when you read aloud.  You might want to read it to another member of your family of you feel confident enough.  Don't forget to record it in your reading diary.



Practice your skills on Reflex



This week is all about keeping a diary. Every day this week, write a diary entry. Focus on writing about your feelings. Use emotive language and powerful verbs. Try to use some speech punctuation in your writing. Use informal language.


Maths – from your pack

Spring themed activity pack – page 5. 

If you find this easy you could also have a go a writing a question sheet for other people.



Spelling zone

Work through one section each week



Use this web page to learn some new French vocabulary. Practise writing and saying them.