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Monday 1st June

Reading and English


This week we will be looking at poetry in our reading and English learning.


  1. Read through the poem ‘The Garden Year’. Read it in your head, read it out loud, echo read it with an adult…. You know the drill by now!
  2. Then underline any words you are not sure of. Use a dictionary, look them up online or discuss them with an adult. Write your own sentences for three of the new words you have learnt.
  3. Complete the ‘One word, many meanings’ activity.
  4. Practise your handwriting by copying out the first half of the poem as neatly as you can, using a joined style. There is an example for you to copy, and some handwriting paper to download if you find this helpful. (There are 4 different sheets in the document. Most of you should be able to use page 1, but if your writing is quite large, you may need one of the other pages.) Try to choose a good pen or pencil and ensure you are sitting correctly at a table to do this.

Make sure that you start a new line every time the poem starts a new line. You will also notice that the second line in each pair starts with a capital letter, even if it is not a new sentence.




You will have been allocated the “Introducing Negative Numbers” lesson on MyMaths – complete the lesson (Don’t do the homework until tomorrow!) including all the activities!