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Monday 20th April

Hi everyone. Below are some activities for you to have a go at. On Class Dojo, we will also be doing daily Kahoots, riddles and we are starting a class adventure book: "The Forgotten Spell". So head on over to Class Dojo to check those out. 



From your pack: Set B - Dinoworld. Today's task is to give it a read. Circle or highlight any tricky words you come across (you'll need these tomorrow!)



The text in your reading is an example of a non-chronological report. This one is an advertisement leaflet for the Dinoworld so it has lots of persuasive language in it. You have 2 tasks to do today: 

1) Can you find some examples of non-chronological reports in your house? Do they all look the same? DO they have the same layout/ sub-titles/ vocabulary? What similarities and differences can you spot. (If you cannot find any, try googling "non-chronological report example KS2".

2) This week we will write our own persuasive non-chronological report. Today, I want you to think about what you are going to write about. If it is a park/'world', why not draw it and label it.



Abacus textbook 3: Looking at 7 digit numbers, comparing and ordering. I will take pictures of the book and post them in this folder :-) 

One-star challenge: Page 4

Two-star challenge: Page 5

Extension: Why not create a Kahoot based on today's learning. We can all have a go tomorrow :-) 


If you cannot access these, why not try some of the games on ActiveLearn (I've posted some new ones today!)



Ask a family member to test you on last weeks words (I know some of you are on different units so it's hard to do as a class!). How did you do? If you made some mistakes, can you see where? 

Today's task: Spelling Zone and Dots and Dashes. 

EXTENSION: Can you make the craziest, funniest sentence using as many of those words as possible! 



In today's creative learning, I would like you to learn a life-skill - something that you think will help you when you are older. It could be:

*Helping Mum/dad make a cuppa or dinner (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION!!!!)

*Learn how to use the washing machine and help your parents peg the washing out.

*Learn how to make your bed.

*Grow something (if you have seeds!)

*Continue to learn your French (links are in last Monday's page). I've been using DuoLingo to learn French - it's free and easy to use and is super fun!

*Practise your sketching skills - why not sketch what you can see out of your window? 


The possibilities are endless!! 


Again, don't forget to share your work on you ClassDojo portfolios - we can then share all of your ideas with the rest of the class. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us: parent's, you can message us directly on ClassDojo. Kids, you can post a note to your portfolio if you have a question. 


Stay safe everyone :-) 


The Year 6 Team