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Monday 27th


Listen to the next section of the Harry Potter story:

Start at 5:33 and listen up to 17:47 (“…She looked distinctly ruffled.)


Listen again from 15:52 to 17:47, following the text. Now listen to the story again, using Stephen Fry as your teacher and pausing after each sentence so you can echo his reading.

Then read it again, out loud to an adult if possible.


Can you summarise this section of the story in 20 words or fewer?



For the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on writing diary entries for a scene in Harry Potter, and we will be using a variety of different source material, from scanned texts, to readings by Stephen Fry (see the link above) , to videos taken from the film.  


Watch this scene:

As you do, write down any “I wonder…” questions you might have. You should stop the video as you think of one.

Example: I wonder where Privet Drive is?

MAIN TASK: Listen to the second chapter, read to you by Steven Fry. Draw a picture of Harry, labelling his features using direct quotes from the book. (eg. “thin face”)



This week we will be practising the 7 x table. This is one of the harder tables to learn because there are no patterns or short cuts to help you. You just have to practise, practise, practise!

There are loads of different videos on YouTube to help you. Find one that you like and watch it daily – or find a different one each day!


If you can, log on to (check Dojos for your login details).

Work through steps 1 and 2 for the 7x tables.


If you cannot get on to the internet, complete the 7 x Table Search worksheets instead.


Then choose 2 new games on Active Learn or complete the Week 11 homework sheet.


Topic – Castles Map

Choose 15 different castles from around the UK and write them on the Worksheet. Then find them on Google Maps or using a Maps book and mark them on the blank map.