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Monday 4th May



Independent Reading

2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!

Don't forget about the class book, "The Forgotten Spell" which is uploaded every day on Class Dojo.




Set B: Oceans of the World

Read, read and read again!

Circle any tricky words




 From your pack: Writing activity “Classroom Conundrum”. Plan and write your short story.

Try and include some dialogue to draw your reader in and to move the story on.




Practice your skills on Reflex




Log onto My Maths and have a go at the activity based on place value. There's also some games you can have a go at if you've finished.




Order of operations and algebra:  Page 22


Section 1. Remember BIDMAS and do the sum in that order


-Indices (squared/cubed numbers)






So for Q1, you need to do (8+3) first, then x9

For Q2 you need to do (3x9) first, then +8.


Section 2:

The letters look confusing but all they mean is “a number”

SO for question 7:

6 add “a number” = 9.

Using the inverse, I can reword this as either:

9 – “a number” = 6 or

9 – 6 = “a number”


So, “a number” (or ‘m’) = 3.

Make sure you substitute your answer BACK into the equation to check it


6 + 3 = 9 (correct!!!)





Do one of your tests on





Spelling zone

Work through one section each week





Task 2:  Drawing in colour

You will need plain paper, pencil and either pencil crayons, chalks or pastels.

For this task you could use your artwork from last week as inspiration or gather new flowers.  However, this week, we are going to add some colour in the style of Henri Rousseau. Rousseau was a famous French painter and his style of art was called 'Post-Impressionism.  This was a kind of abstract art and his work didn’t look exactly like the real thing he was trying to draw. 


Like in the last task, Sketch the outline of the flower or flowers you are wanted to draw and then use either pencil crayon, pastels or chalk to add colour. Feel free to look at some more of his artwork online for extra inspiration.

Maths Page 22