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Monday 4th May


Find today’s ‘Skim and Scan’ document. Time yourself to see how quickly you can find and highlight (or underline) all the words at the bottom of the page in the text. Can you beat last week’s time? Post your time on Dojos and we’ll see who this week’s winner is!


Then read the whole text through, out loud to an adult if possible.



Today, we are going to look at exclamations. Use the Worksheet.

TASK 1: Look at the exclamations explanation – you will notice that they all start with either what or how

TASK 2: Write some exclamations that Harry might use in the different scenarios.

EXTENSION: Have a go at the “Writing and Identifying Statements and Exclamations Mini Test” Worksheet.



This week we are focusing on money. Please remember to keep doing some Reflex and Active Learn activities as well! (Please message me on Dojos if you need a reminder of logins etc).



Finding coins to make the right amount. Complete at least 2 of the sheets.

Extension Task: What is the smallest number of coins you need to make each of the following amounts:

1)   £3.39     2) £4.36    3)  £9.19     4)  £6.82      5)  £11.91



Lever Catapult!

Follow the instructions to build yourself a catapult. See if you can hit a target!