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Monday 8th June



You will have been allocated the “Coordinates 1 - positive” lesson on MyMaths – complete the lesson (Don’t do the homework until tomorrow!) including all the activities!

Reading and English


This week, we are continuing to learn about poetry using some online lessons from the Oak National Academy. Each day, we will give you the link for the day’s learning, printable versions of the onscreen activities and some extra resources to help you practise what you have learnt.


Monday - Synonyms and antonyms


  1. Find the online lesson here:
  2. Watch the video up to 14 minutes. This will introduce you to the poem we are studying this week and remind you of the strategies we can use when we are answering questions about word meaning.
  3. Try the independent task on the sheet provided.
  4. Go back to the video and check your answers.
  5. Look at the spellings for this week (on the video). These are ‘homophones’ – words which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. For some extra homophone practice, log on to Oxford Owl:  Look for the 'My class login' tab. User name is emmanuelPassword is Y4JC. Go to the ReadWriteInc Extra Practice Zone and work through the very first activity – Year 2, Sounds the Same.
  6. Go back to the Oak National Academy lesson and click through to the Exit quiz. See how much of your learning you have remembered.
  7. Handwriting: Over the next few weeks, we will be practising words from the National Curriculum list of statutory spellings for Y3 and Y4. Carefully copy the first 4 words on the handwriting sheet – accident, accidentally, actual and actually. Take your time with this - Look carefully at the spelling of each word, look at how each letter is formed, its size and how it joins to the next letter.