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Friday 22nd July 


I have just completed my first bingo challenge - reading while eating ice cream! I am trying to finish a book I have been reading for a while called This Boy by Alan Johnson. It is the true story of his childhood, growing up in the slums of London in the 1950s. Only a few pages to go, then I can start on my holiday reading list.






Tuesday 26th July 

Today I cooked a new dish. Here is the recipe I had to follow, and the delicious dinner I enjoyed! 

Friday 29th July


How is your bingo card looking? Here is mine so far. As you can see, I need two more challenges to complete a line. I think I'm going for the diagonal line first, starting with "Read a book you loved when you were younger". There are so many I could choose, but in honour of Roald Dahl's 100th birthday coming up soon, I am going to reread The BFG. More pictures coming soon (when I remember to take them!!)

Tuesday 2nd August 


I've finished The BFG so now I just need to read a non-fiction book to complete my first line. I needed to finish this books first though, so I can take it back to the library before I go on holiday.


You have probably never heard of Robert Galbraith but I can guarantee that you'll know some of this author's books and might even have read some. Why? Because Robert Galbraith is the name that JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, uses when she writes her crime books for adults. This is the third book in the series and I couldn't put it down. It was 1.30 this morning when I finally finished it and went to sleep!

Wednesday 10th August


Greetings from wet and windy Scotland! I am staying in a beautiful little village called Pittenweem.This is the view from our window. As you can see, it doesn't look very inviting outside so I'm going to stay in and read. Do you think I am close enough to the sea to tick off "read on or near water" on my bingo card?

Thursday 11th August 


Today we visited Scone Palace.



So this was my non-fiction reading for today.



Friday 12th August 


Today I braved the weather and walked a section of the Fife Coastal Path. Now I'm enjoying a well-earned sit down with a hot cup of tea and a book! 




Saturday 13th August 


Have you been looking for elephants around Sheffield? Today I have been hippo hunting! Each hippo has been decorated by local nursery and primary schools on the theme of children's books. Can you work out which character each hippo represents?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Saturday 20th August 


I've had no internet for the last few days so I'm a bit late posting my picture of me reading in an unusual place. This is me in a secret grotto. I'm sure you can do better and find somewhere really exciting to read.


Saturday 27th August 


Back in Sheffield! This is where I have been for the last few days. No television, no internet and hardly any phone signal. Would you survive? This is the view from my daughter and son-in-law's front door. It has rained, A LOT, so how do you think I have been spending my time?