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Our Community

Emmanuel Junior Academy is proud to be a part of the Diocese of Sheffield Academies Trust (DSAT), which is a Multi-Academy Trust. Our Academy works alongside 15 other schools in close local authorities but has particularly strong links with Pye Bank C of E Primary School. We are blessed to be a part of this team that can offer support, guidance and an opportunity for networking with children and staff.  Our children regularly take part in competitions and events that include all schools in the Trust, allowing opportunity for diversity and provides a sense of belonging. 

As a school, Emmanuel Junior Academy is part of the Westfield Family of Schools.  This group of 10 local schools ensure that close links are maintained, especially with the Infant school we are joined with. As the name implies, the family work together on a range of different projects from School Improvement to an Environmental Clean up at Rother Valley.  The focus is to ensure the smoothest transition for the children to move between schools.