At Emmanuel, we are committed to developing children's curiosity for science through an inspiring, exciting and inclusive curriculum. We value the courage of every child to ask and answer their own questions about their universe and empower them with the skills to do this, ever more independently, through a full range of enquiry types.

The essential knowledge children need is valued and nurtured. Knowledge which enables them to understand how and why things work; to understand new concepts; to be able to make informed choices and to pursue new interests! Above all, we aim to promote a life-long love of the subject through enjoyable and meaningful experiences including school trips and visits from science professionals.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" Carl Sagan, astronomer

Our Science Curriculum is fully linked to the Science National Curriculum


We were thrilled to be awarded the Science Quality Mark in 2020.

For our full science curriculum intent and implementation document please see the file below.

Science intent and implementation

Science intent and implementation.pdf .pdf

Progression documents

Year 5 Science.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Science.pdf .pdf
Year 3 Science.pdf .pdf
Year 6 Science.pdf .pdf

Long term plan

Science Long Term Plan.pdf .pdf