Bertie is our amazing school dog here at Emmanuel. 

Bertie is many things: 

  1. A friend to greet you at the gate most days and to make you smile coming into school.
  2. A therapy dog who can make you feel a little better if you feel a little bit sad. 
  3. Bertie is a dog who loves to learn: he has learned lots of tricks, giving his paw (or two), rolling over on command and sitting smartly when   asked.  
  4. Bertie is a dog who loves to help others learn: he likes to hear children read and listens          attentively. He joins in group activities and sometimes spends time in lessons.
  5. Bertie is a dog who helps everyone feel relaxed: he comes to meetings with parents, teachers and Headteachers who come to our POD. 
  6. Bertie is a dog who loves to play with toys and he is great and sharing
  7. Bertie is a dog who loves TREATS!!


* And please don't worry everyone Bertie goes home for his tea and a rest every evening. 

Bertie tired after a busy day
Bertie having time out with his toy
Bertie trying on his new glasses!
Bertie helping Mrs White with her group
Enjoying Christmas
Supervising Mrs Andrews
Always watchful