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Judiasm Lesson 3


What are the similarities and differences between Christian and Jewish prayer?


Christians talk to God through prayer. What are Christians trying to say to God in the Lord's Prayer?

Our Father in Heaven

Hallowed be your name'

Your Kingdom come,

Your Will be done,

On Earth as in Heaven.

Give us today our daily bread,

Forgive our sins,

as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us and deliver us from evil,

The Kingdom, the power

and the glory are Yours,

Now and forever



On this clip we meet a young Christian boy who talks about his Anglican faith. 

Watch the clip and make notes of any symbols, objects and actions that you spot. Think back to last weeks lesson and  look for similarities and differences in words, actions, symbols and objects. 

Judaism Continued

Following on from your learning last week, make your own Mezuzah using the template below. Then decorate your scroll case with symbols or pictures of things and people that are important in your  lives. The scroll inside could contain a wish for a member of the your family, or writing about a special possession or relationship. For those of you who requested printed packs, you will find all materials in there.





Promises are extremely important in Judaism.


When was the last time you made a promise?

Has anybody made a promise to you recently?


The Shema is one of the most important Jewish prayers. It is one of the first prayers that Jewish children learn. Religious Jews say the Shema three times each day as part of their regular prayers, and it is included in almost every synagogue service.  Jewish people believe that they have made a Covenant with God. The Covenant is an agreement (promise) that the people will love God and follow His rules and in return God will take care of them. Saying the Shema is a way that Jewish people have of reminding them of their promises to God. Watch the video below to learn more.



Once you have watched the video, look carefully at the pictures below (no need to print) of Jews wearing tefillin and also a mezuzah. Consider the questions and think about what links can be made to the Shema.

What is the person in the picture doing? How is she feeling? What has she got on her forehead? What is inside the box? Why is it on her forehead?

What is the person in the picture doing? How is he feeling? What has he got on his arm? What is inside the box? Why is it on his arm?

What is the object? What are the pictures on it? What is inside it? Where would you expect to find it?



Take some time to reflect on the questions What do I believe?

Share some ideas with your grown up. I will start you off with an idea of mine. I believe it important for children to learn to swim.


You can then record your thoughts however you prefer– you could draw, create a collage or write down your own beliefs. These beliefs may link to a religion, moral values or even a belief in the best football team.


As an extension, can you also record why you hold these beliefs. (Parent/ friend/ other influences etc.)


During this activity, listen to a piece of music with belief in the title. I have added links below, can you think of any more?


Finally, think about how your beliefs affect your behaviour. So, for my example...I believe it is important that children should learn to swim so I try to take my own children swimming every week.





Mac Davis - I Believe In Music

I Beleive - Frankie Laine

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We have now completed our Pentecost artwork so its time to think about planning a celebration! Think back to the Pentecost story, what can you remember about it? If you have forgotten, you could watch it through again. Now look at the four clips below, where people are celebrating Pentecost. Make a list of ways in which the people try to show part of the story as they celebrate the birthday of the Church. For example, I spotted red clothes to show fire and I also spotted songs in different languages just like in the story! Let's see who can come up with the longest list!

Pentecost Celebration 2011 - Wheathampstead

Come and Join the Celebration - Pentecost 2011 celebrations at St Helen's Church, wheathampstead

Pentecost Celebration: Entrance Hymn

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Pentecost Celebration from different places in Cape town and Southern Suburb, South Africa

Pentecost celebration in church.

Pentecost Celebration: Blessing & Sending Disciples into the World

Sights and sounds from Blessing & Sending Disciples into the World, a Pentecost Celebration of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark at Trinity & St. Philip's Cath...

Watch the video below and try to retell to a family member. You may need to watch it a couple of times to help you pick out the important information. Think about how the emotions of the disciples changed through the story. Decide and explain when they were scared, confused, excited, relieved, amazed, fearful, mystified, and so on. They really wanted to show everyone that God rules on Earth-But How? What did they need?






The Holy Spirit Comes - Acts 2 - Pentecost for Kids | Sunday School Lesson |

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Try to add the feelings of the disciples to the graph below to show their 'ups and downs'.

Many artists have tried to create their vision of the Pentecost story. Below are some examples for you to look at. Which ones do you like best? Why? How well have things like colour and symbols been used?

Have a go at creating your own Pentecost artwork and share them on your Dojo portfolio.

Please watch the video of the Easter story that we learned about in school.

Can you retell the story to somebody in your family?

What happened on Palm Sunday?

What happened on Good Friday?

What happened on Easter Sunday?

Why did Jesus need some time alone after the last supper? How might this have helped him?

Why do you think Jesus was given a crown of thorns?

Jesus did not seem angry about what had happened when he returned. Does this surprise you? How can you explain this?

We see lots of symbols of new life around Easter time. Can you research these and make an Easter card including one of these. Think of a positive Easter message to write in your card and choose somebody special to send it to. If your special somebody needs to stay at home at the moment, could you send them a photograph of it instead?

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