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Monday:  Read, read, read again!

Read the text to yourself, to your mum, to your dog, whoever will listen!


Tuesday: Summary and Vocabulary

Look for any vocabulary that you don't know the meaning of.  Try to find out what that word means by thinking about the context it is in, the root word, any suffixes or prefixes' can you think of any synonyms for that word.  If you are still struggling, use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you.  Finally, summarise the text in no more than fie sentences.


Wednesday: Answer the questions

Don't forget to use the text to help you and quote the text if you need to.


Thursday: Check and edit your answers.

Use the Teacher's notes to help check and edit your answers.  Which skill do you need to work on next.


Friday: Practice Text.

Now that you have completed the first text, try to apply your skills to the practice text.  You can do it!