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School Improvement Plan

Once the School Improvement Plan has been agreed by Governors Thursdayday 23rd November, then it will be published on this page.  In the meantime, our main focus areas are:


  • To ensure all children experience 'good or better teaching' all of the time
  • To improve reading progress and attainment, across the school
  • To improve progress and attainment of children, who at KS1, were higher achieving (L3)
  • To improve the number of children who gain greater depth, at the end of KS2
  • To Improve communication with parents, by utilising social media, and provide them with more information about what their child is learning
  • To Increase school attendance, especially for disadvantaged children
  • To reduce the number of children classified as having persistent absence 
  • To develop assessment systems, to make judgements about the performance of children, in the foundation subjects. 


If you wish to know more information regarding any of these areas please contact Mrs Newton-Wall