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Team RJ

Our Mission Statement.


As the Church Council we believe it is our role to:

  • Promote the Church in school.
  • Make worship fun for everyone.
  • To help other children to understand the teachings of the bible.
  • To help them to find and develop their own spirituality.
  • To help them find Jesus in their hearts.

                            Team RJ 2020-2021

Year 3

Lilly Hammerton (Y3JT)

Xander Robinson (Y3JT)

Year 4

Aleksander Jarosz  (Y4JC)

Eva-Mae Whiting (Y4JC)

Noah Bird (Y4TA)

Arabella Ward (Y4TA)

Year 5

Lennie Walters (Y5MT)

Team RJ members are volunteers; they work throughout the year helping to develop the Christian ethos of the school.

In the past we have:

  • Arranged a variety of fundraising activities, including a bake sale, to support local and national charities.

  • Helped Rev. Jen set up ‘messy church’ activities.

  • Developed the willow dome as an area of quiet reflection for children and created a ‘reflection box’ to be used outside.

  • Visited the cathedral and the House of Lords with the Bishop of Sheffield.

  • Worked together with Mrs Cresswell and Rev. Jen to plan our assemblies help other children understand the teaching of the bible.

  • Organised Holy Communion and taken a lead in organising celebrations in the church at Christmas and Easter.



Watch this space for this year's information!