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You are going to be a soil scientist! Use the picture to learn about the different types of soil and then investigate your garden to find out what tyes of soil are around here!

As part of our rocks and soils topic, we had planned to visit the Yorkshire Coal Mining Museum. This has had to be cancelled, but here is a link for you to explore the virtual museum.

Rocks and Soils


Have a look at the information sheets about different types of rock.

Have you got any of these rocks in your home?

Have you ever seen any of these rocks when you have been out and about?


You will have to use your imagination when it comes to what each rock might feel like if you've never touched it before. The picture and description will give you some clues.


Fill in the sheets to give information about each type of rock. 

Mary Anning -A significant person in History


Can you find out from the information provided who Mary Anning was and why she is a significant person?


You could also have a go at your own research to find out the names of other significant people in the same area.


Have a go at presenting your findings giving interesting facts about your person as well as pictures. you could include 'Did you know facts' about your person.




As part of our Rocks and Soils Topic, let's explore fossils! Use the link and video below to carry out research. You might have books of your own to use as well or you could visit the online library (link in the reading folder).


What are fossils? What are the different types of fossils? What can we learn from fossils? Present your ideas how you prefer...a fact file? a presentation? a non-chronological report? a diagram? Enjoy!

Hunting for fossils along the Jurassic Coast | Geography - William Whiskerson

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. William Whiskerson visits Lyme Regis. He meets a fossil expert and learns how fossils were formed from the remains of plants a...

A selection of 'eggsperiments' from STEM to keep you busy with science learning

Follow the link below to the video on BBC Bitesize which explains all the things that plants need to grow. Create a poster to show what you have found out!