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Tasks 11 to 20 (June 15th to June 27th)

Welcome to the Afternoon Activities for Monday June 15th to Friday June 26th!!


We have tried to make these activities as FUN and CREATIVE as possible - make sure you share them on portfolios on Dojo etc!


Choose one per day!


Mr Atherton & Mrs Cresswell

Go to this website:
Learn how to draw a cartoon of your choice – there are a range of things to choose from, from Pokemon, to Minions, to dabbing cats and dogs!

Research a cuisine from around the world (Choose from: India, Japan, Mexico, China, France or Italy).


Think about: What types of foods do they eat? What ingredients do they use? What recipes can you find?

EXTRA: Help someone cook a meal from this country. Did you like it?

Learn the months of the year in French using the Powerpoint!


Activity 1: Play a game of Pairs using the Matching Cards!


Activity 2: Play the game of Snakes and Ladders!

Choose a country’s flag from around the world, and create a collage using things in your home or outside. Or, make one out of LEGO (You may wish to do several!)

Earlier in the year, we looked at 2 famous explorers: Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. In this lesson, we are going to have a think about why it is so important to explore and how the world benefitted from these explorers and their achievements.


Activity 1: Can you answer the Brick Buster Questions?


Activity 2: Sort the statements to decide if they are positive or negative!

Make a Father’s Day Card for your dad, mum, grandad or other important figure in your life! You will need to do this by Sunday 21st June as that’s when it is Father’s Day!
Re-write the lyrics to a famous song so that it is from your point of view. You may wish to make it topical to what is going on at the moment – try to be positive – music is there to make people happy!

Check out GoNoodle on Youtube for a bit of fun and exercise! There are lots of dances and fun activities on there.


I would recommend this one:

Around this time of year, Christians celebrate the festival of Corpus Christi. Can you use the PowerPoint to find out what it is all about?


Activity 1: Try the questions.


Activity 2: Find the key words in the wordsearch!

Using the Powerpoint and the 7 facts Sheets, you are going to research and present information about Alexander Graham Bell.