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Thursday 11.06.2020

Here is week 2 of at home learning for our last summer term! Remember task 1 is what we would like you to complete, task 2 and weekly challenges are optional - they are there for the extra challenge. If you require any support with any of the learning provided, please do get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Answer questions 10 - 16

Finish of the questions for this week's text - The Giant Panda Bear.



Task 1 - Revise Modal Verbs

Use the PowerPoint on modal verbs and listen to the teaching. If this is not possible, remind yourself using the Revision Card. Go through the poem: What do you want to be?  (from earlier this week) and see if you can spot and highlight any modal verbs. There are only a few examples so look carefully. Resources for today's English tasks are on the document below: Year 5 Week 5 Day 4.


Task 1 - Complete 'Sets of Three'

Using the table called 'Sets of Three', Write about your future using different modal verbs to show how certain you are. Please find the table on the document below: Year 5 Week 5 Day 4.


Task 2 - Fun Time Extras

There are extra activities for you to complete (on the document - Year 5 Week 5 Day 4) and directions on how to do so, should you want to.

Maths - Short Division (Bus Stop Method)

This week we will be practicing our short division skills. We will need our times table skills and our fraction knowledge

to help us. Please look at the lessons on MyMaths, the games on ActiveLearn and use Reflex to help you. Do your best, work at your own pace and take lots of breaks. Don't forget the videos posted Monday to help you.


Task 1 - Page 58

Make sure you read these word problems carefully.  Work out the remainder and show it as a whole number and a fraction. Work carefully and sytematically. Do the first question and check your answers. Make sure you try the THINK question.


Task 2 - Mastery challenge - Short Division

See how your division skills have developed this week and share your answers..