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Thursday 11th June



You will have been allocated the “Translating” lesson on MyMaths – complete the lesson (Don’t do the homework until tomorrow!) including all the activities!

Reading and Writing - Expanded noun phrases


Find the online lesson at

Work through the introductory quiz.


Watch the video up to 7:40, joining in with all the activities.


Complete the independent activities sheet, then go back to the video to check your answers.


Watch to the end of the video, then click through to the Exit Quiz and complete this.


Spellings: Practise the six homophones from the video lesson using the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet.

LOOK carefully at the word in the first column. COVER it up and try to WRITE it in the next column. Before you carry on, CHECK every letter to make sure you have spelt it correctly. Then COVER both the words and carry on across the page. Remember to CHECK every time!


Handwriting: More spelling practice!