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Thursday 14th January 2021

Thursday 14th January 2021


Guided Reading.

Finish reading Chapter 9 You will need to have read it by Friday, ready for the questions :-) 


Challenge: Read it out loud and act it out - you are Cam talking to your baby brother or sister and you may never see them. Film yourself acting it out and post it on your portfolio :-) .  You could do this for the whole text or for a paragraph or two.




To write prepositional phrases

In this lesson, the children will correct punctuation and grammar in a sentence level activity, revise prepositional phrases and plan prepositional phrases to be used in their own writing later in the unit.



Activity 1) Add prepositional phrases for each of the sections. 

Activity 2) Use the prepositional word mat to write 5 sentences that contain a prepositional phrase. (Don't forget that you are Year 6's, so use different openers, exciting verbs and expand your ideas)

Activity 3) Find 5 prepositional phrases in your reading book and write them into your work book.  Send them to your teacher via a note on your portfolio.




Find unknown angles in triangles

In today’s lesson, we will represent the angles in a triangle pictorially and algebraically before learning how to calculate missing angles.

CHALLENGE: See the worksheets attached below for some tricky questions :-) 


If you did the 'calculating angles within a shape (1) yesterday, why not try Calculating angles within a shape part 2 today




Independent Reading: Get yourself in a quiet, comfortable area. Get yourself a nice warm drink. Get stuck into your book and submerse yourself in that world!! 

Or you could try the Extreme reading challenge.  Take a photo of yourself reading in an extreme location, way or with an extreme reading companion.  Post any photos to your portfolio.  Photos can be shared at the end of the day with your permission.




Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.


Active Learn

Have a go at the games on Active Learn. Please message your teacher if you are unsure of your username and password.


Personal, self and health education (PSHE)

Life is all about balance

In this lesson, our learning objective is to learn about what makes a balanced lifestyle. Within this lesson, we will compare and contrast two very different lifestyles. Our two main characters will take part in a race which they have prepared for very differently. Who will win? This will help the children to understand that there are different components which make up a balanced lifestyle and from this, they will then create a prompt to stick somewhere in the house.