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Thursday 14th May


Hi everyone!

As part of English for the rest of this week and next week, we will be asking you to write your own short story or piece of writing which we will collect and create an "Emmanuel in Quarantine" book, in order to remember the time we are apart. The aim of this project is for it to be completely YOURS - we aren't going to be providing you with a bucket load of worksheets and other things - you can make your notes and create your ideas HOWEVER YOU LIKE!

Remember, this story can be about ANYTHING you like (Princesses, football, life as a frying pan - ANYTHING! It really is up to you!). We will be posting videos and tips every day to help you craft your work!


A major point of all this is that we don't really want you to rush this - take your time and make sure you really think about each detail.




Today, we are going to think about your characters. Remember, your main character doesn't even have to be human - be as creative as possible!


First, watch this Video:


Now think about a main character - sometimes it is nice to have someone in your head when you are going to describe them - I (Mr. Atherton) had Louis Therouix (no idea why) in my head when I was recently writing my own book. You may want to choose a famous person you wish your character to look like. Then, start jotting down notes (however you like - you might even want to draw them) about things such as:


- What is their name?

- What are their notable features?

- What clothes do they wear?

- What job do they do?

- What is their personality like?

- How do they show their emotions?

- Are they overall a good person? How do they show this?

- Do they have any special talents?

- Are there going to be any other characters in the story?


Remember this character is YOURS. They are your property, and it should be the kind of person YOU want to write about. The more you think about who they are, the stronger your story will be!




We hope you like this project. We know it is something different, but we want to give YOU as much creative control as possible. It would be lovely to see as many people as possible have a go at this so we can create a really good collection of writing to put in the school library.


Thanks! Mr Atherton & Mrs Cresswell


Vocabulary: You will have noticed that there are 8 words or phrases in the text which have been underlined. Your first task is to put these words into alphabetical order.

Then use your vocab detective skills to try and work out the meaning of each word. Check your ideas in a dictionary. (Remember, you can do this online if you don’t have a dictionary at home).

Finally, create a glossary for this text. There is a sheet you can print off and use for this if you prefer.

Extension Task: Choose any 3 of the words from the glossary and use each one in a sentence of your own.



Work through steps 8 and 9 and solve the division word problems.

There are more word problems for you to try on the worksheet.



Finish your board games - tomorrow you are going to test (play) them!