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Thursday 21st January 2021

Activity 1: Act it out!
Read chapter 10 again and act some if it out.   You could choose the scene between Mum and Cameron or between dad and Cameron.  Really try to get the emotions across.


Activity 2: Question Zap 
Read each question carefully and underline the key words which will help you solve what the questions are asking. Remember that retrieval answers can just be copied from the text but inference answers require you to look for clues and then give your answers based on what you find.


English To explore the functions of fronted adverbials
Activity 1: Write fronted adverbials
In this lesson, the children will work to correct a sentence, review learning about fronted adverbials, before practising writing fronted adverbials that would be useful for their writing in this unit.  The teacher asks you to write three sentences.  However, as we are Y6, we would like you to write at least 6 sentences based on Lord Asriel and the scene from yesterday’s film clip.


Activity 2: Find fronted adverbials
Have a look in your reading books.  Can you find at least three examples of each type of fronted adverbial (a description of either time, place or manner).  Send them to your teacher via your portfolio journal.


Fractions: Multiply and divide with improper fractions

In today’s lesson, we will learn strategies for multiplying and dividing with mixed numbers and improper fractions.

If you find the above maths a bit tricky, you could try this maths instead. 


Fractions of quantities 1
In this lesson we will learn how to find fractions of a quantity and link this to division.


Personal, self and health education (PSHE) Food, glorious food!
In this lesson, we will explore what a diet is and why it is so important. We will have a very special visitor who will teach us the benefits of eating the right foods and will be introduced to the Eatwell Plate. From this, we will have a better understanding of the different amounts of foods we should be eating. At the end of the lesson, we will write a letter persuading others to make healthier choices.